International Relations


The Bonny Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mines and Agriculture will be a lead institution in governmental relations at the local, State and Federal Government levels. With a veritable history of representing the interest of businesses, the BOCCIMA through its government related activities strengthens Public Private Partnership in the country. BOCCIMA will hold high level stakeholder consultations with all levels of Government, Government Agencies and Institutions to discourse on ways of improving the Business climate in Nigeria.


The BOCCIMA aims to build and maintain good bilateral relations with various embassies and consulates of countries present in Nigeria. Through our various activities, bilateral relations between Nigeria and its allies will be strengthened. Our regular interaction with the heads of diplomatic corps will further enhance Nigeria’s economic relations. We will continue to engage with heads of diplomatic missions in the country where we discuss matters of diplomatic and consular concerns.


The Bonny Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mines and Agriculture leverages on its cordial relations and ties with a lot of international institutions. We have ongoing partnerships and projects with institutions like the United Nations, The United Kingdom International Development Department, Industrial Development Organization, the International Chamber of Commerce, the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, the German Development Agency among others.


The Bonny Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mines and Agriculture is a leading institution in the promotion of bilateral relations between Nigeria and its allies. As part of its drive to strengthen the nation’s economic relations and improve its balance of trade, the BOCCIMA will play host and coordinates trade and business delegations from various part of the world. The BOCCIMA will also facilitates trade and business missions to different countries in the world.


As part of its commitment to ensuring the advancement and growth of the Nigerian Private Sector, and promoting public/private sector engagement programs, the Bonny Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mines and Agriculture annual BOCCIMA presidential policy dialogue series to deliberate on Nigeria’s policy direction and to identify gaps in the country’s policy formulation and implementation strategies. The dialogue brings together leaders of the Nigerian Private Sector, Foreign and Local Investors as well as Leaders of Developmental Institutions to deliberate on the benefits and challenges of investing and doing business in Nigeria.


The Bonny Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mines and Agriculture initiated this dialogue series to create a platform for stakeholders in the economy to deliberate on the state of security in the Kingdom and its effect on the private sector. This Forum brings together Security Chiefs, leaders of the private sector as well as members of the diplomatic corps to discuss matters of security and its effect on business. BOCCIMA believes that through these engagements, the government and private sector can identify and address issues bothering on the security of lives and properties.


The BOCCIMA Investment Summit was initiated with an objective of providing a bridge between the large pool of investors in the Grand Kingdom of Bonny and other states of the federation. It sets a unique platform that offers opportunities for every stakeholder to articulate and showcase its investment opportunities, potentials and incentives to investors. It features presentations, seminars, business to business meetings and exhibitions by various participating states.


As part of its International Relations activities, the Bonny Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mines and Agriculture annually hosts a private luncheon with leaders of the diplomatic community in Nigeria. This is in recognition and appreciation of the efforts of the diplomatic community in strengthening economic and diplomatic ties with Nigeria. The BOCCIMA Diplomatic Luncheon is a one on one meeting platform of the diplomatic community with leaders in the business community as well as State and Federal government officials

BOCCIMA encourages her members to form Joint Ventures in areas of strategic importance to our local economy to aid transfer of technology. For this purpose, BOCCIMA ensures that only members who meet critical integrity tests are recommended for this purpose.