What we do

The Bonny Chamber of Commerce Industry, Mines and Agriculture was established for the promotion and protection of Trade and Industry and to represent and express the opinion of the business community on matters affecting trade and industry in the city of Bonny, Rivers State and where applicable, the whole Federation. It is a non-profit making organisation and its income and property are applied solely for the promotion of its objectives.

It is the central organisation for collecting distributing and disseminating information of a business nature, especially regulations, tariffs, opportunities for trade and other matters affecting Home and Overseas markets.

In the pursuit of its objectives, the Chamber is committed to no political creed.

The Council of the Chamber is the highest policy making body and usually meets bi-monthly to deliberate on issues of importance to the Chamber, the business sector and the economy. Members, who are not individual members of the Council, are welcome to attend as observers.

Standing Committees and Sector Groups were setup to cater for a variety of interests.

Letters of introduction are issued to members or their representatives traveling abroad. The Chamber also facilitates networking with institutions abroad and confirms references of local members.

Other Services

  • Advocacy
  • Policy Issues
  • Business Enquiries Foreign-requests (list to be provided from time to time)
  • Business And Economic Information
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation and Conciliation
  • Outward Trade Mission

Numerous directories, trade journals and periodicals from virtually every country in the world are available to members who may have access to such publications in the Chamber’s Library and Business Information Centre.

The Chamber is recognized as the official body through which local opinion on commercial and industrial matters can be presented directly to Government or other authorities both national and local. It is frequently consulted by government in advance of the preparation of new legislation affecting the business community.

Environmental Protection

The Kingdom of Bonny is an Island. Water pollution can cause immense problems for Islander, ecosystem and businesses. BOCCIMA is initiating a program to work with stakeholders to develop policies to protect shores and make them tourist centers.