Mentoring Skill Program

The BOCCIMA Entrepreneurship mentoring program is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. The scheme structure helps successful business entrepreneurs to serve as Mentors to young potential business owners.

The program will become a legacy and leading Business nursery field in Nigeria with the Scheme contributing meaningfully to youth development and entrepreneurial mindset.

Dual Vocational Program

As part of the BOCCIMAs’ effort to ensure World Class vocational training for our youths by creating an abundant pool of technical skills from which our industries may fetch to satisfy their thirst for vocational skills. The BOCCIMA will run a Dual Vocational Training program in collaboration with other relevant chambers. The chamber will work in partnership with local vocational institutes like the bonny institute of oil & gas to promote the absorption of eligible youths into viable vocations

Its goal is to champion mainstream deliverable technical skills to upscale production in our industries and the country at large. Youths will benefit from the program over the next few years. The areas of focus include ICT, Oil and Gas, Industrial Mechanics, Industrial Electronics, Technical Facility Management and Office Administration. The Bonny Chamber and other partners are working assiduously to initiate the program.

Developing The Capacity Of SMEs

In its effort to develop the capacities of SMEs, the BOCCIMA evolved training programs which are targeted for sectors human capital development. Areas covered include General Management, Marketing Sales, Human Resource, Client Service, Finance, Project Management. Workplace Productivity, Quality Assurance in Organisation, Personal Management, Leadership and Corporate Governance, IT programs including Microsoft Products and Cyber crime, Target Setting, Communications, Research, Constraints Management and Business writing skills among others.

Partnership & Collaboration

The BOCCIMA enters into meaningful partnership and collaboration with notable international and national organizations in its quest to provide entrepreneurial business development skills and services towards the development of a vibrant Small and Medium Enterprises sector.

The BOCCIMA will explore avenues of collaboration with the Local and State academic institutions to develop and provide diploma and postgraduate diploma courses in entrepreneurial studies that is focused on the understanding and management of human and material resources that are taught with specific entrepreneurship techniques that will result in the effective management of businesses for growth and sustainability.